Climate and health: everyone's business

Dr Anthony Renshaw, Medical Director in the Europe Health Consulting Practice at the International SOS office in London, talks about the impact of climate change on health issues. 

The Smog Story

Shweta Gupta, MD, our Senior Medical Adviser, discusses air pollution in Delhi and the measures taken to combat it.

Tracking down the world's number one killer 

Travelling from Monaco to Afghanistan, Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez-Fernandez discusses one global epidemic that threatens these two very different locations. 

Zero Malaria starts with me

Dr Dave Knight has worked and consulted in tropical countries for almost 20 years - here, he discusses how we help our clients prevent malaria.  

A partnership in the fight against malaria

International SOS partnered with Relate six years ago. Here, Relate CEO, Neil Robinson discusses how his charity makes a difference and changes lives.  


Global TeleConsultation

With an estimated 96% of large companies in the USA alone providing access to teleconsultation services for their staff on a domestic basis, this a rapidly growing industry around the world.

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5 myths About Air Pollution 

Air pollution is a topic being discussed almost daily in the news, and is included in many  health and environment forums.  

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Is the Mental Health of Business Travellers' Being Ignored?

A new study uncovers the physical, emotional and psychological effects business travel has on your mobile workforce. 


 sahara contingency planning in niger

Through the Sahara: Contingency Planning In Niger

Remy Haggard, Security Specialist, recently returned from a trip to Niger to investigate the growing threat from Islamist militancy, validate our current risk ratings, and update our provider network.;


Eyes on the Ugandan election

International SOS Security Manager in Johannesburg, Kousar Abrahams, shares with us what to anticipate and how to prepare for potential disruptions as the 2021 Ugandan general elections approaches.



International SOS Security Manager in Dubai, Liliana Martinez  conducts hotel assessments in the various environment to advise clients on selecting hotel and security covering Eastern and Southern Africa


International SOS routinely conducts country trips to gather information, assess the local security environment and vet logistics and security providers on the ground for our members and clients around the world. In September Brianna Petzak visited Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica. 

Israel and The Palestinian Territories

Security Specialist, Alessandro Almerigogna, recently came back from travelling in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Here, he shares his account on how we carry out country visits in order to support clients and their people.

Follow the smoke: Protests in Catalonia

Security Manager, Bianca Cebuc, was recently deployed to Barcelona (Catalonia region), a city impacted by large and disruptive protests. 


Dilemma on the road

While crossing the border from one Eastern African country to another, Security Manager - Liliana Martinez, was pulled over for what appeared to be a routine stop.

Saudi Arabia Drone Attack 

Early on 14 September, the Abqaiq and Khurais oil facilities in Saudi Arabia were targeted by drones, causing the production of 5.7 million barrels a day to be suspended, the biggest ever disruption to oil production.

Escaping the path of Dorian

Michael Rogers, a Security Manager based in Philadelphia returned from the Bahamas. He was part of a team that facilitated an evacuation of a large number of employees from the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Cyber Risk in our Hyper-Connected World

In today's hyper-connected world, when your people travel, what risks are they exposed to? Security Specialist, Louise Hogan, discusses Cyber Security and what your travellers can do to best protect themselves and their devices. 

In the wake of Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai made landfall in Beira, Mozambique on 15 March, and swept through to Malawi and Zimbabwe. Security manager, Holly McGurk, gives her account of how we supported clients. 

Year end in Khartoum

When violent unrest broke out in Sudan’s major cities in late December 2018, the security team deployed to Khartoum to monitor the situation more closely. 

Nairobi Hotel Attack

Coordinating Security Manager, Liliana Martinez, shares how we supported our clients and their people.

Top tips when in crowded places

Security Director, Rob Condina, advises on what to consider when in crowded places this holiday season. 

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Jamal Said Bakarsyum, a Security Manager from Singapore, recently came back from a trip to Palu, Indonesia, following the earthquake and tsunami in September. 

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Rise of humans

Arnaud Vaissié, International SOS' Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, has authored the foreword in an exclusive new paper from KPMG. The paper sets out each aspect that businesses should review and prepare for in light of future technological advancements. 

Cyber Security Computer

Cyber Security Through the Eyes of a Traveller

The ubiquity of the cloud, WiFi and cheaper roaming charges enable travellers to always be connected – but also creates new targets for cyber criminals. Learn how to stay protected.